Calling GV # from call forwarded # leads to voicemail?

Started by khanvict, March 19, 2011, 02:36:52 PM

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Our home line is the google voice number.
My mother's cellphone is set up to receive call forwarding via google voice settings.

When my mother calls home from her cell she now just gets the voicemail instead of it ringing. I guess it has basically gone in a loop to think the google voice number is calling itself and thus accessing voicemail.

Is there a way around this or create some sort of exception for the forwarded # to dial home as usual?


I think you just need to log into Google Voice and go to your mother's cellphone number, select edit, show advanced settings, and select 'No (requires pressing star during greetings -- default for non-mobile phones)' under Voicemail Access.


Bingo, thank you very much. That did it. Didn't even realize there were more settings there  :D