more obi number per email+being able to specified which obi must ring+windows

Started by wily, September 12, 2012, 04:14:28 PM

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Can you please add the 3 following items as Feature enhancement request:

1) The only thing I wish to have, is to be able to have more than 1 obi number per email; now days people have laptop + cell phone + ipod and this require 3 emails if you want them all to be callable; or another solution is to allow to have several devices like Laptop + ipod + cell phone connected all at the same time with the same obi number...

In fact both of those features will be really useful in a family.

2) I would also simplify the UI so we can easily specified which phone need to ring when someone call home (by home I mean the obi202), like a check box in front of the obi numbers so I can specify which obi# need to ring when someone call the main number....
This is related this:

3) I would have the same obitalk ui as ipad but for windows users so windows users are not oblige to start an extra deamon with the heavy X-Lite




Concerning (1) it will also allow me to share my speed dial with my other devices and other family member...that will be really nice...