"Do Not Ring" based on time of day

Started by jadog, September 15, 2012, 08:40:52 AM

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Looked through the Obi202 advanced options and could not find this functionality. Would be great if I could create a custom schedule to turn off the ring to prevent it from ringing through the device during the night.


Check your voip service providers for this feature. Google voice has custom ring schedules.


That won't work for me as I still want it to ring through at my other softtphones (e.g, Laptop, iphone, etc). I only want to turn it off at the oBi202 device.



I can think of the following easy methods:
1) mechanical/digital timer.
2) A router firmware that allows scheduling (Access Restriction). ex: Tomato firmware

I can also think of more sophisticated methods requiring much more effort.
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With google voice forwarded to another service provider that is set up on the Obi you can that.

google voice set up on SP1 to ring the phone port
Callcentric set as a forwarding phone in google voice.
Callcentric set up on SP2 and calls forked to your other softphones
Set the custom ring schedule for the Google Chat phone at google voice.

Calls will come into the Obi on the google voice ring schedule, but google will forward the calls all the time to the Callcentric number which will come into the Obi and be routed according to the SP2 settings.


Thanks guys, I'll try out the mentioned methods. Much appreciated!


I second this request.  I'd like to ring some places at some times and not others.  The suggestion above looks like it would work, but it's a work around and takes up an addition precious SP slot.  It does not scale nicely to more complex situations.  It would be really nice if the Obi, as a central hub of my phone activity, could do this.