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:( Obi110 Rebooting, Can’t handle AA Forking to 2 Destinations

Started by mrjoe, September 20, 2012, 09:59:53 AM

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I have a PAP2 setup to work together with my Obi110 using VG5 (the RonR way  :) )
I wanted both the Obi and the PAP2 to ring when option 1 is pressed in the AA so I changed AA's OutboundCallRoute to:


When I try pressing option 1 it rings both phones but immediately afterwards Crashes.


I usually work by trial and error - lots of error in my case  :)  but as a last resort I sometimes read the OBi Admin Guide. Page 118:

Note that while forking to multiple numbers in an AA outbound call routing rule is not supported on OBi100 and OBi110, it is supported on the OBi202.
For example, on the OBi202 you may have a rule like this: {0:ph,ph2} which forks to ring both PHONE1 and PHONE2. In general you can have up to 4 destinations is a forking rule. On the other hand, you must not specify more than one destination number on the OBi100 and OBi110.


You're right,
I just assumed if it actually carried out the Command, it would work.
Should I delete the post?


I would leave the post as a reminder to others. Not many people are going to read the Admin Guide :)