prompting - Dial 1 for this, dial 2 for that

Started by Dude, March 21, 2011, 08:13:46 AM

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My wife claims that prompting isn't working now on our home phone system, thats plugged into OBI110. When she calls somewhere and they tell her to dial 1 for English, it doesn't work she says. Its just as if she didn't press anything. Is there something I need to do to turn on prompting, or does this sound like a valid issue?

I'm running the latest firmware etc from what I know. (Flashed it last week).



In most of cases you do not need to adjust the settings of DTMF such as the transmission method and DTMF output gain.

If you have problems with the remote IVR to recognise your input DTMF digits, you have to adjust those parameters that I just mentioned.

Or use another DTMF phone to see if it will work or not?

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Hi Dude,
we had the same problem, and it was solved.
Please check this thread:


@Dude, please send email to with your OBi number (200 xxx xxx) and the target phone number that you had trouble navigating with the phone.


I fixed my DTMF problems by changing the Phone port DTMFRxMode from "Hardware" to "Software".