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OBiTalk Menu Suggestions

Started by deheza, December 16, 2010, 05:13:21 PM

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When the 110's are sent to be used in places that don't have very good internet bandwidth, it would be nice to have a CODEC option (especially G729) as part of the menu selection for those that aren't very familiar with ATA parameters.

Several providers use *123 for voice mail.  Having this on the menu pointing to the actual voice mail number would be helpful.

Also having the MWI voice mail light as an option would be a help.

I believe these options would eliminate a number of support queries.

FYI  Vitelity OBiTalk setup selection:

The menu setup for vitelity sets the proxy server to  My account registers with this proxy but can't make outgoing calls (Don't have incoming).  The Vitelity setup wizard sets the proxy to for ATA's.  This works for my account.


There is a new star-code added to address the low bandwidth codec use on a per call basis.

Dial *4729 followed by the number to call, will reorder the default codec priority to use G729 low bandwidth codec.
This is a one time use for that call only.    To make it permanent, the default codec priority needs to be reconfigured.

On the Message Waiting Indicator light, yes, the OBi110 supports it, the default config for MWI is disabled though.