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what does Register Failed: 401 mean?

Started by neftv, April 06, 2011, 12:09:44 PM

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I just got my Obi100 today.  I got my main domestic provider working on SIP 1 Service but for my SIP 2 service using PennyTel I use the credentials I have which work on my previous ATA and for proxy server and register server.  I get for SIP 2 server Register Failed: 401.
Here is info per their web site
SIP Settings
SIP Proxy:
SIP Register: Yes (You will need to register to the PennyTel SIP Proxy in order to receive calls.)
Preferred Codec: g729, g711u and g711a
Port: 5060

Please advise.


error code 401 or 407 means either username &/or password is/are incorrect.
əʞɪɯ mɪke


I'm assuming you're using SP1/ITSPA for your main domestic provider and SP2/ITSPB for PennyTel.

Did you remember to set?:

Voice Services -> SP2 Service -> X_ServProvProfile : B


Thanks to both of you.
However X_ServProvProfile : B took care of this issue.
I guess I figure that default settings work out of the box I have to read up on this somewhere before I get fancy with Gateways.
Thanks Ron.
BTW looks like the OBi100 seems to be able to handle all my phones and devices (5 total) even though the REN number is higher than the rated 3 as your device.


I think the default settings out of the box are a little strange and unintuitive.  ITSPA and ITSPB both default to SIP operation, yet SP1 and SP2 both default to ITSPA.  This would be fine for two separate VoIP accounts with the same VoIP provider, but I think this is the least likely case.  SP2 defaulting to ITSPB would cause new users a lot less grief.