GV Inbound Caller ID - 2 lines of numbers?

Started by Dead_Cow, March 21, 2011, 06:02:08 PM

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I can find lots of topics alluding to why this is happening, but none about how to fix it. How do I get names to show up on my inbound caller ID on SP1 (my provider if Google Voice), and not just the numbers?

This worked fine when GV just passed the call to me on Ooma, so the data must be there somewhere.


Are you sure the names weren't coming from your Ooma's dialing directory?  Names and numbers that you have entered and it simply matched the incoming number with the one in your dialing directory and displayed the name from there?



I don't think GV passes Caller name. RonR's suggestion is very likely.
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I never any features of Ooma. Ever. Not the dialing directory or anything, so it wasn't that.


As you've probably read elsewhere, CallerID Name requires a database lookup of the number by the service provider in order to provide the name.  Apparently, Ooma provides this service.  Google Voice does not.  Google Voice only provides the number.