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More trunks groups and user-defined digitmaps

Started by plugger2, March 22, 2011, 04:25:16 AM

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I really like the trunk groups feature, and the new user-defined digitmaps. I've used all four trunk group slots, and while I don't think I'll need anymore in the foreseeable future, it's always nice to have some spare capacity. Further, I'm sure there will be people with more complicated set-ups than mine that will wish there were more trunks groups available.

Same with the user-defined digitmaps. I think these are great, these have vastly simplified my call routing configuration, and made it all much more transparent and easily maintainable -- but I've used 6 of the 10 slots already. Again, I don't think I'll personally need more in the foreseeable future, but I'm sure someone will!


I have spent hours attempting to find and use this forum.
My Obi302 appears to share many settings and have powerfull capabilities to setup blacklists.
Had no luck so far.
I did call phone power as I am using the Obi302. and they sent me the link to their setup
ITSP Profile A SIP, X_AccessList

I really need to block specific caller ID list and a phone number blacklist. & suppose this need to be 2 lists one list for caller IDs and one for specific phone numbers.

Phonepowers old block lisy had[i think] 100 names w/ 6 numbers each =600 blockables.
I would put month/date & Caller ID in name block and enter 6 spam callers in 6 number blocks for each name/month!  
When Phonepower put me the new Aquarius net, that was changed to 50 numbers and they deleted my blacklist and lost saved VMs, it was bad.