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Landline message waiting no longer working and question on set up

Started by kool, October 23, 2012, 05:48:00 PM

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Hi guys, new to this whole voip thing. Everthing is running now just some tweaking is needed. I want to set it up where:

1. Landline message waiting no longer showing up flash and the beep beep beep when you pick up the headset.
2. Is there a way to set up for landline incoming calls, landline local calls and for long distance?


Message Waiting - there is no individual settings for the Line like there is for the SP services. Because the Obi doesn't/can't monitor the Line like it can for the SP services there is no way to have MW indicators for the Line.

If you press # the Obi will connect the phone port directly to your Line service provider's dial tone. At that point you should hear the stutter dial tone from your provider if you have any messages.