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Please Help! Cannot set up voice gateway on Obi100

Started by 2005hyrj, October 24, 2012, 05:19:31 PM

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my Obi100 settings:
sp1: GV (default)
sp2: sipgate
I want to add **3 to localphone and **4 to onesuite. Both have been reported working with Voice Gateway on this forum. the server/acc/pwd has been tested on Android phone with Csipsimple.

Phone Port DigitMap:

PHONE Port OutboundCallRoute:

Gateway settings:
Name         localphone
AccessNumber   sp2(      
DigitMap      (Mste)      

Name         onesuite
AccessNumber   sp2(
DigitMap      (Mste)

but when I dial **3-xxx-xxx-xxxx or **4-xxx-xxx-xxxx, I hear "no service available to complete your call".

Did I miss something? I tried change the DigitMap to (xx.) but still the same error.



i had the same issue -- localphone needs 11 digit format like so  (if you are calling US #): 1xxxyyyzzzz

if it works, follow the same calling format for the other VG as well..
have two 100s and one 110


Is your onesuite gateway working also?

I have all my gateways working except the onesuite gateway I couldn't connect. I was also certain that onesuite doesn't work without registration.... If it's working for you I'd like to know if there is any trick to it. Thank you.