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obi as gateway for gv via sip, why dhcp

Started by 0815dela, November 06, 2012, 10:19:21 AM

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Per it is possible to have obi act as sip server and let a sip phone connect to obi which will then act as proxy to google voice.
My question is why is this stated in the blog:
"You do not need a static IP address on the IP phone.  It will get its IP address from the OBi202."
Is there an option to disable dhcp on obi? Most users will have a dhcp enabled on their router already so I am unsure why obi would act as dhcp server in this sip gateway scenario by default.



In the Obihai OBi202 published example you reference the example is using a separate router contained in the OBi202 to communicate with the IP Phone.  The example is using an IP Phone connected to the OBi's LAN (not the internet) port.  The IP Phone is getting it local (OBi) network ip address by DHCP from the OBi.  The OBi202 is connected to the internet (thru the Internet port) and the OBi202 gets it own ip address from the internet server (or from external router connected to the internet server.

There are configuration settings on the OBi202 for both the WAN (internet) network and the LAN (OBi local) network.  On the LAN (OBi202) network you can enable or disable DHCP.  The local network ip address is also configurable.

The example is also using a Proxy Mode feature on the OBi202 which allows the sip phone to register to the OBi202.  This feature is only available on the OBi202 (and OBi303) and is described in the OBihai Admin manual.