Record calls to External USB Storage Obi202

Started by mrjoe, November 13, 2012, 09:51:36 AM

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Could we have an option to record all calls directly to an External USB Storage device on the Obi202

This product would be invaluable and would definitely increase the Customer base for the device.

It'll save people having to leave the Computer on and have to remember to record calls by clicking the Record button





A very very good idea !      The idea of an answering machine built into the user agent in the SIP spec should have been in there from the getgo, at least as an option. In addition to remote voicemail, there should be a local voicemail option directly in the SIP user agent spec through RFC with the IEEE. OBI needs this feature so that it's not dependent on a common server except for voice conferencing. This would increase the military usefulness of the distributed phone system when not using a PBX. I think the reason local voice answering function was not put into the original SIP spec is that the SIP spec was written long before we had cheap flash memory. OBI should consider doing this through RFC with the IEEE.


Some states require only one party consent to call recoding but other states require all parties consent.  Federal law requires one party consent. You need to comply with Federal and state law for both the person placing the call and the person receiving the call. Since someone could be calling from anywhere and the telephone number doesn't really tell you from where the call was placed it's best to make sure an automatic announcement of call recording is made.  You may even need to comply with international law if the caller resides abroad.  Consent can only be given by parties to the call so if all incoming calls are recorded you could be breaking federal law because someone else answers your telephone.  

Just something to think about should Obi implement this feature.  Most companies make an automatic announcement to cover themselves.  If the caller doesn't hang up after the announcement they have given consent by staying on the line.

All that said I would like the option to record calls locally.  I would want it to include an automatic announcement by default when call recording is on with the option to turn the notification off.

It would also be great if it could be set up so we could record all calls or use filters to determine which calls are recorded. Some of us want to record all calls but a lot of us only want to record calls from certain people who are prank calling, telemarketing, or harassing us in some way.
Long live our new ObiLords!


I would like to point out that if you are using an analog phone you can buy a regular answering machine almost anywhere. I believe this is legal anywhere, however you are probably covered by the outgoing message as it is obvious that the caller is listening to an answering machine when they call. It is obvious they are leaving a message, and these machines have been available for decades.


It would be more convenient to record to NFSv4 share


+1 I like the idea and need this feature!

I need to record calls because I have too many of them -- sometimes, I forget what i committed to; forget to write down an action item; or even what was said; etc.
So, my need has nothing to do with using a recorded call for legal issues; etc.

Please add this feature on both phones.
I'm confident that other Users of Obi would appreciate this feature.
Thanks in advance. 


Let me add another +1 to this thread -- NFS or USB drive, I'd love to see this feature, too, perhaps with an option that as the USB drive fills up, the oldest calls automatically get purged to make room for newer ones.  And, I'll bet it wouldn't take much effort to implement it either -- looks like they've already done the hard part.

Quote from: giqcass on December 14, 2012, 06:28:54 PM
Some states require only one party consent to call recoding but other states require all parties consent.  Federal law requires one party consent.
FWIW:  Whenever I call a business and they announce "This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.", I take it as a giving of their explicit consent for me to record that call.


Great idea, though, I wish they add this feature to OBI1022 phone as well:_)