What are the * codes for CallWaiting enable/disable for one call only?

Started by CoalMinerRetired, November 14, 2012, 09:41:45 AM

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Dear ObiSupport,

In a previous announcement of a firmware release, here, and here this is mentioned as a new feature:

  - Support for CallWaiting enable/disable for one call by * code

However, I have not read or otherwise figured out what those two new star codes are. They are not in the Star Code Profiles(s) or in the Device Admin manual. Maybe I'm getting old and missing the obvious, can you please let us know what they are, and or how to implement them?




The OBi device supports service features via the handset connected to the PHONE port.  The following Star Codes can be used to access the indicated features. OBi Star Code Enabled Features Apply to All Voice Services.

*03, Request peer device to loopback media in the next outbound call
*04, Request peer device to loopback RTP packets in the next outbound call
*05, Tell device to periodically redial the last called number until the called party rings or answers
*06, Cancel the last repeat dial request
*07  Redial
*69  Call Return
*81  Block Caller ID (Persistent Mode)
*82  Unblock Caller ID (Persistent Mode)
*67  Block Caller ID (One Time)
*68  Unblock Caller ID (One Time)
*72  Call Forward All (Enter Number + #)
*73  Disable Call Forward All
*60  Call Forward on Busy (Enter Number + #)
*61  Disable Call Forward in Busy
*62  Call Forward on No Answer (Enter Number + #)
*63  Disable Call Forward No Answer
*77  Block Anonymous Calls
*87  Unblock Anonymous Calls
*56  Enable Call Waiting
*57  Disable Call Waiting
*58  Disable Call Waiting One Time
*59  Enable Call Waiting One Time

*78  Do Not Disturb – Turn On
*79  Do Not Disturb – Disable
*66  Repeat Dial
*86  Disable Repeat Dial
*74  Speed Dial Set-Up (Enter SD No. [1-99] then Tel No. + #) ∞
*75  Speed Dial Read-Back (Enter SD No.)  
*76, Clear a Speed Dial
*96, Barge In
*98, Blind Transfer
*4711, Use G711 Only on the next outbound call
*4729, Use G729 Only on the next outbound call

*28, Make OBiBT Bluetooth Adapter discoverable for the next 120s (OBI202 only)

∞ Note: Be careful with the Speed Dial Set-Up as this will conflict with the Speed Dials set-up on the OBiTALK portal.  The Speed Dials that are set-up on the OBiTALK portal will always overwrite anything set-up via the phone connected to the OBi.


Many thanks for the reply.

But I'm sort of mixed up here. *56 and *57 were the same codes before this feature was announced, and previously the Disable or Enabled state persisted until changed.

So I was expecting there to be two new * codes for the new "one call only" feature, and the *56 and *57 work the same, i.e., until cancelled (which in my experience they still do). 

Am I missing something, (possible due to advanced age)?


Can anyone help out here?   My observation is *56 and *57 do Call Waiting Enable/Disable and the setting persists until changed, ObiSupport replies the codes are one call only. 


Our apologies CMR,

Here are the star codes you are requesting:

*58  Disable Call Waiting One Time
*59  Enable Call Waiting One Time

Be sure your Star Code Profile A and / or B have the following entries:
*58, Disable Call Waiting once, set($Ucwa1,1)
*59, Enable Call Waiting once, set($Cwa1,1)

~ Thank you ~


Thanks ObiSupport. I had been looking for these * codes and/or configuration everywhere, couldn't find them.


From the release notes, it looks like "call waiting enable/disable for one call only" is only available for the OBi202 / OBi302 series and not the OBi100 / OBi110.  Is that correct?  Are there any plans for add this feature to the OBi100/110?