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Codecs and RTP Packetization

Started by JohnLennon, March 23, 2011, 08:17:13 AM

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I changed the PacketizationPeriod for the G711U Codec for both profile A and B to 10 ms and rebooted. When I make a new call I see:
RTP Transport      UDP
Audio Codec      tx=G711U; rx=G711U
RTP Packetization (ms)      tx=20; rx=20

Why is Packetization set to 20 ms if I request 10ms? I tested both to GV and my SIP provider.

With my ATA I can set it to 10ms (0.010) and it's effective, as I have plenty of bandwidth and this improves call quality.

I'm using SoftwareVersion 1.2.0 (Build: 2101). This seemed to work yesterday when I was on the previous build.