Broadvoice SIP Settings

Started by OBiSupport, November 16, 2012, 05:38:45 PM

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Please reference the following example of a BYOD configuration for Broadvoice:

proxy_port: 5060
registrar_port: 5060
phone_number: <your 10-digit Broadvoice number>
auth_id: <your 10-digit Broadvoice number>
auth_password: <your Broadvoice password>

Note:  Use rfc2833 DTMF if available, fail-over to InBand if rfc2833 is not supported.


On the setup, I don't find: ntp_ip:

Where would I enter this information?


system administration, NTP server.


Before mucking with the expert config I was getting error 403 and error 404
now I get:
Retrying Register (server=
changed to
all ping to the same IP
oh wait now back to:
Register Failed: 404 Not found (server=206.15.14

I was unable to find "phone_number" in the expert configuration for the OBI110

I reset the expert to obi defaults and tried to make changes as listed here.
It was working (registering and outbound worked, incoming calls were failing) until I updated to the latest firmware and tried to reenter my broadvoice info.

for fun I added callcentric to sp2 and it registers fine.