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Author Topic: Will this setup work? OBI202, 2 ip phones, autoattendant  (Read 4688 times)
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« on: November 19, 2012, 07:43:41 pm »

We have a phone number for our haunted attraction Fear Fair that has been published for a few years 812-567-FEAR (3327)... it's an info line that people call to get hours, directions, etc. It gets a lot of traffic a couple of months out of the year and basically none at all the rest of the year.

We have just had it on Google Voice, but the greeting won't even consistently play on that. 9 out of 10 calls just want to know days/hours/price and so if they could just hear that info, it would cut down a ton of answering.

We have year round broadband at the haunted house that I had installed this season for streaming cameras.

I would like to go with an obi202 and setup the autoattendant. It would be cool to be able to have 'press 1 for hours and days, press 2 for prices, etc.  The thing is, during September and October, particularly on nights we are open, it is not uncommon for the line to get more than one call at a time. I know the obi202 has an autoattendant and can use our existing Google Voice account... but I don't know if one caller is listening to the auto attendant and a second call comes in, whether the second call would also get the autoattendant or just a busy signal.. I could add more google voice accounts but I don't know if they will hunt. Basically, I need for 2 or more people to be able to listen to the ivr simultaneously.

We just need a couple of actual phones (dressing room and ticket booth) and if I went with the Obi system I was going to get a couple of Cisco IP phones. Outgoing calls are almost nil.
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