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Phone won't work unless I delete the device from the portal and re-add it

Started by jane001942, November 14, 2012, 02:14:47 PM

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This phone has been working, then it stopped working a couple of days ago. We tried rebooting, resetting to factory defaults, etc. The only thing that worked was to delete the device from the website and re-add it. Once it was added the phone started working again. However, we are experiencing the same problem today, the phone will not connect to the site. Both inbound and outbound calls are not working.

Deleting the device from and re-adding is the only thing that has worked, but we should not have to keep doing this.

There is 0% packet loss on the connection.


Did the latest firmware cause this? My Obi202 will not stay connected, even thought it retains an IP from the cable modem. I am not using any other device or router.