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"#" key on phone no longer patches to Ooma & to dial **1 for obi direct calls

Started by jeetco, December 12, 2012, 12:24:25 AM

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I have been using the Obi110 in conjunction with the Ooma.  And this setup has been working absolutely flawlessly for the past 2 years or so. 

1.  When I needed to make calls via the Ooma service, all I had to do was to dial the "#" key on the phone and that would bring up the Ooma dial tone. 
2.  If I wanted to use the Obi110, all I had to do was to dial a phone number and a few seconds later, the number would dial and the call the would be placed. 

Well, "something" changed between one day and the next!!--literally from one day to the next!!

Well, now, 2 things are happening:

1. dialing the "#" key to get to the Ooma dial tone does not work anymore!!  I get the Obi recording where the man's voice says: "there is no service available to complete your call"!! 
2.  ...and in order for me to make a call via the Obi directly, I now have to dial "**1" before dialing the 10 digit phone number!!

When I disconnect the Obi setup and connect my phone line directly to the Ooma, the Ooma works just fine!

Can you please help me understand what may have happened from one day to the next!!  I have not made any changes to the set up what so I am extremely baffled at what changed!!

In order for the "#" key to work do I need to get into the "Obi Expert configuration" page and do something in there??

Thanks in advance to everyone that could help with this issue!!


Without changing any settings, have a look in OBi Expert Configuration at the following:

Physical Interfaces > Phone Port > DigitMap:

Physical Interfaces > Phone Port > OutboundCallRoute:

In the two places that # occurs, does it look like the above?

Also can you post what this is set to:

Physical Interfaces -> PHONE Port -> PrimaryLine : ?

One more test – if you dial **8 followed by a number, does it go out via Ooma?



Here is what I have:

Physical Interfaces > Phone Port > DigitMap:

Physical Interfaces > Phone Port > OutboundCallRoute:

It is exactly as you typed.

Also this is what my phone port is set to:

Physical Interfaces -> PHONE Port -> PrimaryLine : PSTN line

...and the OBiiTALK settings box is check in front of this line.

As far as the **8 test, when I dial **8 and then the phone number, it stays quiet for about 12 seconds and then I get a busy tone.  The call does not go out via Ooma.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Looks like your OBi110 is set to work exactly as you wish:

# should bridge the OBi Phone Port to Line Port and give you Ooma dial tone.
Dialling any number (no ** codes) should go straight to Ooma.
Dialling **8 followed by number should go to Ooma.

Please try all those methods with some test numbers and post back what you see in Call History. Call History is only available from the web page > Status > Call History.

Do you have another plain corded phone that you can plug into the OBi Phone Port? Just to eliminate possible phone problems.



Thanks for your advice and help.

Well, this time around nothing would work at all.  The # key would not forward me to the Ooma and the **1 and **8 would not work either.
Then taking your advice, I used another plain corded telephone to test the connections--same issue as above.

Then I decided to just unplug everything and restart from scratch.  That exercise proved to be useful--I found out that I had inadvertently, at some time in the past, connected my internet switch's plug into the obi and the obi's plug into the internet switch.  Both plug ends look identical and they both insert into the devices with ease.  Could this have been the problem--YES!  So now with the correct devices plugged in using their respective AC adapters, everything is working fine!!--sorry for starting this issue, but your nudging caused me to unplug all the devices and I realized the root cause of the problem.

Thanks for your help.