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rj11 to micro usb with android usb otg driver

Started by blake121666, October 16, 2014, 07:24:42 PM

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I have Republic Wireless and am using a Cobra PhoneLynx.  I see that you have the OBIBT to do something similar.  I would prefer a hard-wired solution from an analog phone handset directly to my smartphone.  I figure some sort of male RJ11 -> male micro-usb-b connector could be made up and an android driver (or even a software package) could handle it as USB OTG.  Anyone think this could be done?  Would it be possible to plug a USB cable into one of OBIHAI's products and achieve this functionality with my Moto G OTG functionality?


I'm also a RW subscriber.  Excellent service.  I'm not sure why you wouldn't want to simply use a BT module to connect.  It works very well.

On to your specific question however.  If I where to engineer the device you are talking about I would use the headset jack instead.  I believe it would be simpler.  The headset jack is capable of more then people realize. 

The micro usb slot could be used but I think the overhead CPU usage would be high.  There would need to be a chip in the middle.  There would need to be software written for the phone.  New firmware would need to be written for the Obi or the cable would need to simulate an OBIline adapter.  Although some phones can charge well in usb host mode other phones can not be charged.   

Yes this might be possible. 
Long live our new ObiLords!


Yes, I think you are right.  Using the headphone jack would probably be a much much better idea.  

My concerns are with the addition of the bluetooth (BT for short) which conflicts with wifi (particularly since the RW phones use the 2.4 GHz wifi band - same as BT).  I was using a PhoneLynx which gave me erratic performance, I've blamed that on BT WIFI conflicts but who knows?  

I just received an OBI 202 and an OBIBT card and have been testing this out tonight.  So far so good;  but it seems that a straight google voice connection from the OBI is better quality than the added BT to the RW phone (at least on my very limited initial impression so far).  This would lead me to just use GV.  But GV can't port my phone number (RW could - and did) and I want to use a single number for all outbound.  GV doesn't seem to be able to do this.  Ideally I want 1 number to be where it looks like I'm calling from whether I'm using GV or RW wifi or cell.  Sounds kind of weird;  but I'd be willing to hardwire the RW phone instead of using wifi as well.  $5/mo can't be beat for a dedicated phone line that can use my existing number (which GV can't do).  Ring.To can port my number.  I might consider the OBi with them next ... don't like their voicemail though ... and I'm actually liking the google hangouts integration with GV nowadays.

So far, the performance appears to be ok.  Hard to tell w/o much more testing though.

BTW, anyone know what kind of performance hit I'd take if I ported my number to Ring.To and forwarded all calls to multiple phones (GV, RW)?


Oh Gheesh!  I just found this page:

I'm going to port from RW to google voice and just use that.

I don't find the quality of RW through the OBIBT to be good enough.  The RW handset (Moto G cellphone) is acceptable;  but the addition of the BT through the OBI isn't.  I think it's the BT screwing things up.  A hardwire connection would probably solve this.