Any info on when the "OBi202 Release 3-0-1 (3585)" sw release will become GA?

Started by CoalMinerRetired, December 20, 2012, 01:30:49 PM

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Any info on:

a. When this will be generally available?
b. From those of you who have tried it, does it work ok, any issues, etc.?

Quote from: OBiSupport on November 13, 2012, 06:04:41 AM
In an effort to make certain features and fixes available sooner, pre-release firmware that has been tested, but is not quite ready for General Availability, is posted below with a short release note for users to download and manually update their OBi devices.

Current Pre-Release Firmware: OBi202 Release 3-0-1 (3585)

Click Here to Download

Release Note:
- Google Voice Multi-Ring: Use the same Google account on multiple OBi202 devices. Incoming calls to the associated Google Voice number will ring all OBi202 endpoints and the and the stand-alone Google Talk app (Gmail browser-based phone calling excluded).

- Show the first few words of an incoming text / SMS message sent to the Google Voice number on the caller ID name display of the phone(s) attached to the OBi202 phone port(s).  The phone will ring once as an audible alert the text message was received.  Enable this function in the OBiTALK portal Device Configuration - Google Voice Service settings.

- OBiSHARE File/Photo Sharing Enhancements (See OBiTALK portal for more).

- DNS SRV (TCP) Fragmentation Enhancement.


1.  Download the above linked file to your computer.

2.  Access the web page of the OBi device:
     -  From a phone attached to the PHONE port of the OBi dial * * * 1
     -  The IP address of the OBi will be read to you.
     -  Open a new browser window on your PC and enter the IP address of the OBi.
     -  When prompted, enter "admin" for username and "admin" for password. 
         If you have previously changed the password, use that instead of "admin."

     -  OBi202 Notes:
        To access the OBi202 via the LAN port, by default the LAN port IP (Gateway) address is:
        To access the OBi202 via the WAN "Internet" port, you may need to enable WAN access. 
        To do this, from the connected phone dial ***0.  Next, enter 30#
        - Press 1 to enter a new value
        - Press 1# to enable
        - Press 1 to save

3.  Now that you have accessed the OBi web page, go to the "System Management" - "Device Update" page.  From there, "Browse" to the firmware file you just downloaded above and click Update.

4.  Wait for the OBi to restart (approx. 3-4 minutes) and you will be good to go.

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I am using it across two OBi202s at different locations with FW build 3585.  So far everything seems to work ok.  I did have to "check" Google Chat as a forward to location inside of the GV settings for both devices to ring the phones at the same time because one OBI I have CC on but the other I do not.