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Configuration wizard for different countries such as Hong Kong and China

Started by yhfung, March 25, 2011, 06:09:00 AM

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If the unit is bought just off the shell, the dialling plan for the Obi110 is default to US/CAN format.

However OBi110 becomes more international, which means OBi110 devices will be used all over the world, the dialling method, signalling are not the same as US/CAN.

Does OBiTalk Portal has any plan to include the configure wizard for different countries such that ordinary users are able to configure their OBi110s more easy? In the configuration wizard, just select the country that OBi110 is going to be installed, all the phone configuration will be automatically configured.

Hong Kong and China OBi Users Group


At the least, would it be possible to set one up with basic configurations for a particular area, backup that configuration, and then use that backup to restore a different unit.