Two OBi110s, One GV account

Started by SteveL, March 25, 2011, 08:25:14 PM

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I have two OBi110s, one at site A and one at site B. The last unit registered is the unit the rings, so when I leave site A, I unplug my OBi, and when I arrive at site B, I plug in my OBi at that location.

With the OBiTALK dashboard, configuration, and advanced configuration utility is there an easier way to accomplish the above. That is, can I use the software config tool to temporarily take one unit off line?

If I can manage my units online, it maybe easier than remembering to plug/unplug.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!!


Thanks for the URL to the "office setup" wizard.

First, I'm not sure that I completely understand the wizard.

Second, this isn't quite what I want to do. Both OBis are configured identically with the same GV account.


with that setup the second obi is like and extension of the first one.

you set up one with google voice and they will both ring.

read the summary here


Thanks, I'll give it a look and test out the configuration.