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Obibt to forward cellphone calls

Started by zacko, January 01, 2013, 03:34:14 AM

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I am thinking of buying obibt for my obi202; hoping that it will forward my cellphone (connected to my obi202 through obibt) calls to my obion (while I am traveling overseas).   Basically, I use my cellphone as a business phone, but I cannot afford to pay roaming charges and I will leave the cellphone while I go abroad. I want all the calls to my cellphone rerouted to obi202 and then to obion.

vice versa - I am wondering whether if I use obion (from overseas) to call my obi202 (my home), then, will it forward the call through my cellphone to my clients?  Will the clients simply receive caller id of my cellphone?

I am new to obi, and I will appreciate if anyone can confirm obibt can work this way and appreciate further if someone chip in any instructions for doing so.

Thanks a lot!


I have the 202 and the BT adapter.  I'm trying to make this kind of thing work.  If I figure it out I'll let you know.  You can place calls no problem with the auto attendant through your cell phone.  In that case it will show your cell phone as outgoing caller ID.  I'm trying to figure out how to have the Obi pick the call up and forward it to other service provides and the Obion app. 
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I gave up looking on the forums and contacted Obi.  Here is what they told me.

Quote1. You can set the settings below by logging to
click your OBi
click "OBi Expert Configuration"

To have incoming call from phone on BT for OBi to call out via SP1:
-> Voice Service -> OBiBlueTooth
Set "InboundCallRoute" = SP1(number)

I set my Obi up without the portal but it was basically the same.  I went where they told me to go under the Bluetooth settings.
Set "InboundCallRoute" = SP1(enter the number you want to forward to here. You would want to use your obion app number here.)

The "SP1" represents which service provider you want to use to forward the call.  
sp1 = Service Provider 1
sp2 = Service Provider 2
pp = Obitalk

They put ob in front of Obi and Obi app numbers in these dial plans so you would want something like this.

Replace "290123456" with your Obion app number.
If you want to still ring the physical phone at home do it like this.
pp(ob290123456), ph, ph2

The thing that sucks is this receives the call then places a new call and connects the two.  What that means is the caller ID will show up as your Obi number or unknown instead of the callers ID.  That and I told Obion doesn't run in the background.
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