SMS as Caller ID

Started by Felix, January 05, 2013, 11:18:55 PM

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Quote- Show the first few words of an incoming text / SMS message sent to the Google Voice number on the caller ID name display of the phone(s) attached to the OBi202 phone port(s).  The phone will ring once as an audible alert the text message was received.  Enable this function in the OBiTALK portal Device Configuration - Google Voice Service settings.
sounds like a neat feature; did anybody make it work? I can see that X_SMSNotify is checked on the device, but nothing comes to the phone or device...


It is working for me... sort of.
The notification ring is so short that only my corded phone rings and it is cut off. Anyone know how to make the ring duration longer?


hmm... I don't have a corded phone (especially with LCD screen). But more important - I don't see anything in OBi device log. Looks like it is not coming to the device; not that the device doesn't pass it to the phone


Probably obvious but I'll ask anyway. Your GV account has no problem receiving SMS? Is your GV account signed out of chat? You set GV to forward SMS to your phone number?


yes, I am getting sms in GV inbox, on my GV client on two phones and (once I enabled forwarding as required in the blog post) in my email. Just not on my OBi.

and yes, I am not logged into chat


I want to ask if this is working consistently -- translation: 100% of the time -- for everyone ... or anyone?

It is not for me.  I get one txt notification immediately upon reboot, then no more ever come through until the next bootup completes.  The other oddity is the txt that comes through after the bootup is usually an older text in a multi-message 'txt conversation'. 


I always receive the notifications but if the text messages are from the same thread I only get the first message repeated.  It's still useful because at least I know I received a message.
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