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Problem after updating firmware

Started by Johnny, March 26, 2011, 02:13:07 PM

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Hey guys,

I updated the firmware to 1.2 and I'm having a slight problem.

I have GV set up as SP1 and nothing set up on SP2.

The problem is this:  Whenever someone calls my GV number, the phone connected to the Obi110 rings, as well as all other phones associated with my GV number, but after two rings, the GV voicemail kicks in.

In my GV account, I have it set up to let me answer all calls and not the GV voicemail.

In my Obi110 account I did not check the GV voicemail box notification if that matters.

Any idea as to why my GV voicemail kicks in after two rings, as I really don't want it to.



I think I figured out my problem.

I never activated GV voicemail on my account at GV.

Apparently the calls were all going to my AT&T cell phone account voicemail.

I activated GV voicemail for my phone and now the voicemail only kicks in after 5 rings and I am sure that it is going to my GV voicemail.

Sorry about that........................