the problem that the AA can not call back

Started by zkai8, January 07, 2013, 09:47:32 PM

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Hi, guys,
I used my office's phone which connected with my OBI110, the phone has eight numbers, the people outside the company can dial my office's  phone number directly. But, if I want to dial an outside line, I must be required to dial additional 0 in front of  the phone number of the outside line.
The InboundCallRoute of LINE port was set with the following shows:
if 18600000000 calls, the call is routed to AA. I hangs up before the AA answers, I want AA to call the number of 018600000000, not the number of 18600000000, but AA does not work, I checked the call history, AA still called back the number of 18611689536.
Depending on the the caller's phone number, can guys help me to make some setments in outbound callroute?

Best regards!



Hi Darren, welcome to the forum.

This rule should do what you want:

Physical Interfaces -> LINE Port -> InboundCallRoute


This means "a call from 18600000000 will be directed to the auto attendant. If the caller hangs up before aa answers, then aa will call number 018600000000 using the aa PrimaryLine." All other incoming calls with ring the phone.

You need to make the changes via the Obi Expert Configuration pages. From your OBi Dashboard, click on your OBi number and follow the prompts to get there. To change a value uncheck both boxes to the right of the value and leave them unchecked. After changing the values on the page, press submit at the bottom of the page and wait a few minutes for the Obi to reboot.


    Thanks a lot! it is very useful about your reply!
    Thanks again!