Stutter Tone won't clear?

Started by Gogyroswin, March 26, 2011, 02:35:11 PM

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Gogyroswin fact that I now have a message indicator now on my Obi line!  I tested it this morning and all was well except for the fact that I still have an indicator/stutter tone even when GV says I have no new messages.  Anyone else not able to clear this or is it a GV thing?


Mine works fine. 2 GV accounts & anything in my inbox for either account gives the MWI.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a voicemail, and it doesn't matter how old it is. If the inbox shows something in there it will indicate it.

Also if you set the MWI yourself don't check the "message waiting" option, only the 2 above it.


I can confirm that MWIEnable and X_VMWIEnable need be checked.  The first time (following directions from a posting) I checked these two and MessageWaiting as well.  I got the stuttered dial tone once, then not again
(and the check box for MessageWaiting was unchecked).  I corrected the problem by clicking on the "default"
box for MessageWaiting.  I then get stuttered dial tone some time after a new message is left in the inbox.

After some more tests (marking the message in the inbox as either read or unread, then listening for dial tone),
it appears that the stuttered dial tone is present only if the MessageWaiting box is checked.  And the status of the
MessageWaiting box does not appear to get updated if a message is simply marked as unread.

Does the OBi100 poll the GV inbox periodically in order to check or uncheck the MessageWaiting box?


Correction:  by marking a new message as read (using a browser pointed to the GV page),
the MessageWaiting box will eventually become unchecked, and stuttered dial tone will cease.
This the case even though the message is still present in the inbox.

However, marking the message as unread does not cause the MessageWaiting box to become checked,
nor produce stuttered dial tone.

Not much value in speculating on why this is so.  At least stuttered dial tone accurately indicates
that new messages are present.