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Hong Kong and China OBi Users Group (中港OBi用家论坛)

Started by yhfung, March 26, 2011, 08:52:12 PM

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Quote from: yhfung on April 25, 2011, 09:10:29 AM
Before answer your questions, may I ask a few questions:

1) Monthly expenses on telephone bill to HK/China/Taiwan
2) Are the called parties the same?
3) Are the called parties dealing with business partners or family members?

1.  We're currently on Vonage unlimited worldwide calling plan for US $25 a month + tax
2.  Call parties are different.
3.  These are friends and families without Internet access, landline only.


If they do not have the internet access, then your exisitng plan is simple and not expensive.

If you have a GV account and registered in OBi device and you do not mind to listen several seconds of advertisements, you may consider the following method for free to make a 10-minute long distance call.

The voice quality is okay.


PS:I may add more ITSPs in HK and China later for your reference.

Hong Kong and China OBi Users Group


ITSP in Hong Kong

1) CMPhone

- HKD$68 a month with unlimited calls for inbound and outbound calls
- Some members have subscribed the services and able to register the registration credentials on OBi devices

2) HKBN 2b

- HKD98 a month with unlimited calls for ibound and outbound calls

With the firmware firmware 1.2.1 (Build: 2286), the installation of HKBN 2b credentials can be achieved. For details, please take a look at the following link:
Hong Kong and China OBi Users Group


If you're trying to use HKBN with the OBi, you may be interested to know that the latest f/w 1.2.1(2286) has some enhancement that should make it work better with HKBN.

On OBi web configuration page, set the new parameter X_ProxyRequire (under ITSP Profile A/B - SIP) to this value: com.nortelnetworks.firewall

You should also disable STUN and ICE when setting up this way.

NOTE: This parameter is not available in the OBITALK Expert Configuration yet. You must use the OBi's own web configuration page to make this change.
OBIHAI Support Staff


This is to confirm that the installation of HKBN 2b credentials can be easily acomplished. OBi Technical Team have done a very good work!

Hong Kong and China OBi Users Group


Glad to see more HK/China users have made it work w/ HKBN.

We have seen a few reports, however, that the call might drop after 5-10 min.
We have some idea why this may happen w/ this ITSP.
If you have experienced such problem, please email us at
and we can patch your unit with a fix to deal with this issue.

Thank you.
OBIHAI Support Staff


I bought 2 Obi here in USA.  I have configured both with GV and both work just fine.  I want to use Obi A in USA, and Obi B in HK.  I assume Obi B in HK can call Obi A in USA by using the AA and choose option 2 to dial out other USA numbers.  I want to know how I can call from Obi A USA to Obi B in HK and using AA to dial HK numbers free of charge.  Is it possible?



Yes, it is very simple by setting your two OBi devices as your circle of trust (COT). For instance

OBi 1 (softphone) : speed dial 1
OBi A (US) : speed dial 2
OBi B (HK) : speed dial 3

When you are in the US, pick your the phone attached to OBi A, key in the following sequence

3 * xxxx yyyy

where xxxx yyyy is the HK 8-digit telephone number. You may press the hash key (#) to make the call immediately.

Please make the PSTN line is the default line (primary link/trunk) of the OBi B. A PSTN fixed line is attached to one of the HK PSTN telco.

Hong Kong and China OBi Users Group





就是往家里城市A拨打电话免费。怎样拨打呢?在城市C里,用他在城市A办理的手机,拨打城市A家里电话,听到振铃一下就挂机,不久家里(城市A)的 OBi110就给你fatfish在城市C的手机挂电话,接通后电话会进入AA,再按1字,那么家里的电话机(电话线接入OBi110的PHONE Port),那么成个过程不花一分钱。


1) 在城市C,他用手机卡1拨打家里城市A的座机电话(LINE Port of OBi110),然后挂机,OBi110回拨卡1的号码,接通后进入AA,再用**8拨打卡2(在城市B老爸妈的手机里),等他们连接后,卡1的电话与卡 2的电话连接通话。(只是这个非常我们香港的三方会议,只不过家里的人不说话)。



For details, please take a look at the following link:
Hong Kong and China OBi Users Group


Hong Kong and China OBi Users Group


i have bought 2 obi110 devices in US, one intend for my family in HK.

1) Do i need any extra service(e.g. google voice)/cost to have both device to talk to each other?
2) Do i need to have both device to setup in US before i bring back?



An OBi straight out of the box at factory defaults will communicate with any other OBi without any configuration or registration.  Simply plug a telephone into the PHONE Port, connect the Internet to the Ethernet port, and apply power.  Another OBi can then be called by simply dialing : **9 + OBiTALK number.


dame! I think obi should Point it out "Clearly" on their site!
This device is just "plug and play" and no setup needed for point to point communication!

I always thought i need to create an obi account and google voice acct in order to use this device!

I was plan to get this device for myself to talk to my family in HK; i have bought it since March, but was hesitate to set it up because with all the extra info and feature it list on all different forums and seems it need to setup with all different setting.

It was nice with all extra feature, but for just calling my family with no setup require, it was amazing!


On any OBi where the primary or only use is OBi-to-OBi calling, set:

System Management -> Auto Provisioning -> ITSP Provisioning -> Method : Disabled
System Management -> Auto Provisioning -> OBiTALK Provisioning -> Method : Disabled

Physical Interfaces -> PHONE Port -> PrimaryLine : OBiTALK Service

Then you can call another OBi by simply dialing the OBiTALK number.  The **9 prefix won't be necessary.


Since each OBi110 comes with a unique 9-digit OBi Number, it could be used for direct dialling without any installation.

You just plug the box, one in Hong Kong and the another in other country with the Interenet connection (connect the Ethernet port to the LAN port of a router with Interent access)

You pick the phone connected to OBi110 PHONE port, press **9 222 222 222 for carrying out a echo test to confirm that your OBi110 could be connect to the OBiNet. After that you are able to make point-to-point call by pressing **9 + <9-digit OBi Number>.

Hong Kong and China OBi Users Group


hi I am in hk and got an obi 110.
I set up sip1 to use 2b no and sip2 to iptel sip no.
When I dial in to the 2b no, I hear aa but whenI press 1, there is no response.

I tried to dial using obitalk iphone app, and then I hear aa and it works if I press 1 or 2 or 3.  What is wrong?


Please note the caller ID (incoming telephone number) has been registered as a member of circle of trust (COT). If you did, your DTMF signals were not detected by your OBi110. please register another hardware phone to test it.

Hong Kong and China OBi Users Group


going to HK this summer. plan to setup obi with GV on sp1 and sp2 in the US prior to flying out. once i get to hotel in HK is it as simply as connecting the obi to the hotel's wired LAN port, add in a telephone and I can receive the US calls and make US calls (via GV)?


It should be the same as you did when you were in the US provided the hotel does not block the VoIP packets (in most cases, it would not). I believe that the telephone set used in hotel could be used.

Hong Kong and China OBi Users Group


Does anyone successfully connect OBI from mainland China?
I have one unit in China which just couldn't connect to Internet.  the internet connect has been tested fine, and the unit itself has pre-configured in US with Google Voice,  should I have it to be factory reset in China, and re-register? please  advice