In Star Code Profiles add checkbox to pass code to provider

Started by MichiganTelephone, March 27, 2011, 07:15:53 AM

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This quote is from another thread:

Quote from: obi-support2 on March 24, 2011, 06:04:12 PM
For blocked callers on the PSTN LINE, the call will just keep ringing.
For blocked callers on SP1/SP2/OBiTALK service, the caller will hear fast busy tone.

Dial *67 before you dial the target number tells OBi to hide your caller-id when you call out on SP1/SP2/OBiTALK Service. This only works on SP1/SP2 for SIP (with a standard compliant ITSP Service). It does not work if SP1/SP2 is using Google Voice, which does not support blocking caller-id request from the client side.

I realized when I read this that *67 won't work on a FreePBX-based system either, because FreePBX totally ignores what the device sends and substitutes whatever's specified on the extension setup page.  And actually, there are three different Caller ID's it can send, depending on whether the call is going to an internal destination, an external destination, or out via an "emergency" route.  So in such a case, you may want to send *67 (and possibly other star codes) to the pbx or provider (the same caveats apply — some providers honor *67 and some don't — and you'd have to have rules for the *67 codes in your Outbound Routes so they do get passed on).

So, my suggestion is an additional column of checkboxes in the Star Code Profiles, headed "Send code to provider", which if checked would just treat the * code as part of the called number to be sent to the provider. The OBi device would still provide second dial tone after such a code is dialed (where appropriate) but that would just be to give the caller what they're accustomed to hearing — otherwise the full dialed number including the star code would be sent to the provider (possibly with a short pause between code and number if going out the Line port — I don't know how you handle sending * codes to PSTN lines but some landline telcos require a pause of one-half to one second between the star code and the rest of the number, which is why they provide a second dial tone).
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