Google Voice - switching phones

Started by craigslist48335, March 27, 2011, 08:12:55 AM

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Has anyone tried Google Voice's 'Switch phones' feature on a phone connected through OBI100 ?

Google Voice help page at   mentions that to switch phones during an incoming call, just press * and other phones will ring.

I tried this from a Panasonic KX-TG4011N cordless phone connected to OBI, but doesn't work (as in other phones don't ring). I think my Google Voice config is OK, because switching phones from my cell phone does work - i.e. if I pick up call using my cellphone & press * ,  then the OBi-connected Panasonic starts ringing and I can continue call from there.

I don't know much about OBI's 'Star Codes' , but is it likely it might be causing problem. (I have not changed any of the default configuration regarding star codes)


Mine works as it is suppose to.

Remember, this only works for incoming calls to your GV and only the phones that rang when the call first came in will ring when the * is pressed.

if you want to transfer an outgoing call to your cell phone, you can use Obi's attended call transfer feature.


Yes, I tried for a incoming call.

i.e. incoming call rings OBI-connected phone & cellphone. Picked up on OBI-connected phone, then pressed *. The cellphone DOES NOT ring.
OTOH , same incoming call, if picked up on cellphone & then * is pressed, then the OBI-connected phone starts ringing and can be picked up from there


so for some reason the * is not being passed to google from the Obi.

There are other threads about dtmf problems, I will see what was done.