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Obi110 compatibility wiht older Vocally voice-activated telephone dialer

Started by guyinsb, March 27, 2011, 12:08:33 PM

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I have an older model Vocally voice-activated dialer which sits between a Vonage V-Portal and a cordless analog phone.  This setup works fine (except for error message 013 on the V-Portal during powerup, but I can get around that).  I tried replacing the V-Portal with an OBi110 (configured to use Google Chat).  I can place calls with no problem, but incoming calls are a problem.  The incoming call causes the cordless phone to ring, but when I attempt to answer the phone by going off-hook, the Vocally seems to ignore (or maybe drop) the incoming call, and act as if
I have gone off-hook in order to place a call.  I am guessing there is some timing issue between the OBi110 and Vocally which causes the problem.  Can any one comment?  Thanks.


Did you enable Skip Call Screening feature on the OBi device?
When you answer incoming call from Google Voice, GV will present you with options to answer the call (by pressing 1), or send the call to voicemail, etc. This feature is controlled by Google and apparently no way to turn it off. What the OBi can do is to automatically dial 1 on your behalf for all incoming calls, so GV would behave like a normal phone service. Would that be the cause that Vocally thinks that you are trying to make an outgoing call?
OBIHAI Support Staff


Call screening is disabled; the calls are answered with no problem when a phone is attached directly to the
OBi110 phone port.  The problem only occurs when the Vocally is connected between the OBi110 and the phone.

I am getting a newer version of the Vocally product; I will post if that cures the problem.



The newer Vocally product works fine with the Obi110.

And, thanks to excellent Obi customer support, the older Vocally
works if a configuration change is made on the Obi:

RingVoltage = 82  (the default is 70)
RingWaveform = Trapezoidal  (the default is sinusoidal)