**2 Dialing delay when calling on SP2

Started by M105, March 28, 2011, 04:50:16 PM

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I did some searching on the forum and didn't find and answer so I'll ask.  If it has already been answered someone please point me at it.  :)

I have my old Gizmo5 SIP account set up in ProfileB and SP2.  Everything works fine and I can make a call by dialing **2 and the munber.  When I do this, I experience a 20-30 second delay before the call connects.  I figure someday soon when Gizmo dies I may want to set up another SIP account for SP2 and would like to debug the delay problem.

I know this is not a Gizmo problem as it works fine and fast on my old PAP2.

Any idea what the problem is?


Not sure why, but you might want to try dialing a pound sign # after the last digit.  I think this tells the Obi that you are done, and any delay from that point forward should be downstream.


FWIW, I just configured SP2/ITSPB for my Gizmo5 account and there's no appreciable delay after dialing (with a 10/11 digit number and without any trailing '#' being entered).

My ITSPB DigitMap is:



I tried it with and without the # and saw no difference.  I also went back to the default DigitMaps everywhere and saw no difference.  It works, it just takes 30 seconds or more to dial.



FWIW:  I have Obi installed on my Android phone.  If I dial **9 and my Obi number it immediately connects to the Android.

Interesting that only **2 seems to be giving the delay.   Also, I am running the default outbound digitmap.


Okay It is Solved...

The problem was that I had enabled the sipphone stun server in profile B.   It must not be responding.  Once disabled everything works as it should.


Darn!  I wish I had remembered that.  Goggle took stun01.sipphone.com down about 10 days ago and I ran into the same situation.  If the STUN server doesn't respond, the OBi has a 40 second timeout!  I reported this to the OBi folks a week ago, but never got a reply.  Sorry for being forgetful.


No problem Ron.  Another thing learned on my part and something to keep in mind in the future. :)


The standard STUN timeout is about 30s. We understand this problematic case. I have put in a request to see if we have improve the user experience. Thank you for reporting the issue.
OBIHAI Support Staff