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incoming voice cuts out

Started by JeffCo01, March 21, 2015, 05:21:31 PM

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  I'm trying to fix an issue with my Dads phone. He's using an OBI100. Ever once in a while the other party can't hear him. He can still hear them. When this happens, it lasts for a minute or two then starts working again. This happens for both incoming and outgoing calls. His service is with phone power. His internet is Charters 60Mb service.
  I have reset the internet router, unplugged and replugged the OBI, (waiting a few minutes before plugging back in), and rebooted the OBI from the internal web page. So far, nothing has helped.
  This has been going on for some time now and I've been thinking of just getting him a new OBI, but thought I'd see if there was a fix first.
  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all, in advance!



Thank you for the link. The only part of that guide I hadn't tried yet was to reduce TX & RX values. I've now lowered each by one (1), now set to TX -2, and RX -3. I'll see how that works during the next call. The FAQ didn't mention how low I should lower the values. I'll check back with the results.

Thanks again,


Also check if the internet router has SIP ALG enabled and if so, disable it.


Sounds like the same issue as

Your OBi device settings may very well not be the problem!

I am presently waiting to hear back from my ISP to see if they were able to get Level 3 to fix or reroute me around one of their servers on which it was documented they had packet losses in excess of 55%.

It appears many of the network providers have high packet losses or latency issues at different times of the day.  For what it is worth, periodically take a look at this website:  I assume this is a composite picture of all of their servers but I could be wrong.


I'd turn on QoS and add the Obi Device by MAC address then set to Maximum priority.

Then trial and error turn down the Speaker and Mic volume a little (Speaker slightly lower than the Mic) on the Obi's TX & RX. Do a test while calling the number on your Cell phone. Also try the Speaker Phone on the Landline too. All phones are different.

Also try another DNS server like Google or OpenDNS.

Then if you still have issues it might be an ISP issue....