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X-Lite PC Configuraton

Started by harrinj, July 20, 2013, 04:38:54 AM

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I have my Obi202 fired up and working well.  I wanted to load a soft phone app on the PC and went with the recommended free version of X-lite but configuring it is somewhat confusing.  It's asking for User ID; Domain; Password; Display Name; and Authorization Name. 

Is it asking for my Obi or GV credentials (I assume Obi)?  So a user ID with no password?  Which domain do I use?  It's definitely not intuitive.  Any help would be appreciated...



harrinj - welcome to the forum.

Instructions with pictures can be found here:

Many users here have expressed their dissatisfaction with x-lite. Endless pop-ups, messages asking you to upgrade etc. Many of us gave up and went over to using other softphones. Good free ones seem to be 3CX, Zoiper, Jitsi, PhonerLite. Searching this forum can provide set up details for most of them.