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OBI Expert Access

Started by RJDB, February 08, 2013, 08:01:36 PM

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I have read through the Expert Config thread, and I am unable to determine how to access the OBI Expert Config. Is Expert Config simply remote access via the OBI web server? If it is, I currently do not have my firewall setup for access via port 80. Further, the Admin password for the web server is not set to default (port and User password are set to default).

I have nothing on my OBITalk dashboard wrt OBI Expert.

I have auto provisioning set to periodic.

What am I missing??

Thanks in advance for any information.


It is access via the OBiTalk web server, not the web server on your OBi.

Start at and log in. Click the gear icon on the line in the "My OBi Endpoints" that represents your unit.

Can you find your way to down to the "Phone Port Configuration Summary"? The OBi Expert Configuration  button is at the bottom under that. Then you will have to say OK to the popup. Then press Enter OBi Expert.