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Calls through callwithus stopped working ?..

Started by alexsunny123, December 16, 2020, 12:57:37 AM

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I had obi110 setup with two providers gv on first sip, and on second (for international calls). It worked fine until last firmware upgrade. Now I get - male voice (obi) - "Call was rejected  by the service provider , reason 400". I deleted second provider and resetup, it registers fine, it shows that obihai registered at callwithus internal account, but call get rejected. Rebooted obi110 manually and by disconnecting. My callwithus account is working, i can place calls through it with sipdroid just fine. Status in Obidash says provider is registered, calls do not go through. Any ideas?



Possibly a problem with the number that callwithus is receiving from your OBi110.

Try another phone.

Check the phone port digit map.

Check the phone port OutboundCallRoute.