Mystery reboots Obi 110 build 2774

Started by ProfTech, February 13, 2013, 07:39:54 AM

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ProfTech - I too had been plagued with mystery reboots, often during a call.

Syslogs were likewise not able to catch anything.

My OBi110 would not display a reason code for the reboot either... but using the technique I found here of saving then examining the configuration file, I found it was 91 or 94 at various times.

My setup is an OBi110 with Google Voice on SP1 and POTS on the line port and hardware version 3.4 running build 2774.  I have heavily edited some of the configuration settings, and was initially placing the blame for the mystery reboots on this.

What seems to have caused my reboot issue is that I was double-natted... yeah yeah I know it is not good, but FiOS requires their router for things like the program guide, etc... and I wanted the security of my Linksys running dd-wrt.  Since I've moved the OBi to the FiOS router, eliminating the double-natting, I no longer have these mystery reboots.



Quote from: ProfTech on August 08, 2013, 07:27:03 AM
This is kind of an old thread but I thought I would post an update. After reading some posts about Callcentric issues I decided to try disabling ProxyServerRedundancy and SecondaryRegistration for Callcentric, while making sure X_DnsSrvAutoPrefix was checked. I'm happy to say the crashes have stopped. At this point I have been unable to detect any other differences between 2774 and 2776. I'm assuming the differences are minor since Obihai has never posted an update for 2776.
ProfTech, I read one of you your posts in another thread and remembered this thread.  My short update here is the mystery reboots on my 202 are now completely gone. Unfortunately that is at a cost of using two Obi202 instead of one (where one should clearly work).  I'm 100% convinced having two GVs and two CCs on one Obi202 is the root of the problem, it makes me wonder if that scenario has been fully vetted and tested by Obi.

A few points on your settings for ProxyServerRedundancy and SecondaryRegistration. If you use the ObiTalk wizard to setup a CC connection, it does **NOT** check the settings for ProxyServerRedundancy and SecondaryRegistration or X_DnsSrvAutoPrefix. I'm speaking for an Obi202, for reasons I can't imagine it might differ for an Obi100.

Also note that on CC support website, the manual configuration instructions for an Obi202 show to set ProxyServerRedundancy and SecondaryRegistration but not X_DnsSrvAutoPrefix.  Also on CC's website, their manual configuration instructions for an Obi100 do not show any of the three fields ProxyServerRedundancy, SecondaryRegistration or X_DnsSrvAutoPrefix. CC's website does not have a section for an Obi110.

So we've got Obi and CC's instructions mot matching.  I'd question if CC's website is fully up to date. If you recall back in Fall of 2012 they had an outage due to an attack, and I recall some of the interim work arounds they said to use were (set/check) the fields you mention. After the attack/outage ended somewhere they said revert to the prior settings.

Also, one other tidbit I found in setting up my two different Obi202s.  For one 202 I'm using my ISPs DNS server entries. For the other I superseded the DNS servers and set them to Google's  Interesting observation is the last octet of resolves different under those two DSN servers, for my ISP's DNS servers the last octet is ".179", for Google's DNS servers the ;last octet is ".164". It's consistently been that way since the last post I had in here, May of this year. I'm not sure that is a problem, but I'm curious and it's worth noting.

EDIT: In 2nd paragraph, to it does **NOT** check the setting...


I did quite a bit of testing on redundancy a year or so ago and according to what I saw, X_DNSSrvAutoPrefix seemed to be automatic when redundancy is turned ON. Makes sense. However, when I turned redundancy Off, the unit was registering to port 5060 if X_DNSSrvAutotPrefix was left Un_Checked. Should be 5080. Again, sort of makes sense based on what I saw before. So I suppose turning off redundancy in your 202 could solve the issue there. I can only speculate either CC isn't doing it quite right or the Obi isn't handling redundancy correctly. Like you said, CC web page doesn't say anything about turning redundancy ON for the 100. Either way, it is working great without it.  :)