Calls from and to Google Voice

Started by jvan, March 30, 2011, 05:31:57 PM

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I am using my obi110 with a google voice account.  works fine for calls to other POTS numbers.  however when I call another google voice number I get "no service is available".  also, calls from a google voice number to my google voice number assigned to obi don't get picked up, it goes to google voicemail after 8 or 10 rings.  a google voice number should not be any different than a regular number, right?
this was working when I first set it up but not now.  any ideas.


if you didn't make any changes to your Obi settings or to your google voice settings there is no plain reason for the change.

If you don't have any complex settings you can just click the big red x and delete your google voice account from the Obi and start over.