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Shipping to Canada?

Started by ToNIX, March 30, 2011, 07:45:21 PM

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You can buy OBi110/OBi100 from now . The price is higher but they ship from Toronto with Canadapost. So it should be faster than order from USA.


#41 doesn't seem to have any right now :(

This particular (US) link, fulfilled by Amazon, will work and IS shippable to Canada, was about $70 to the door:

The Summary looked as follows:

Order Summary
Items:   $50.47
Shipping & Handling:   $9.98
Total Before Tax:   $60.45
Estimated Tax To Be Collected:   $0.00
Import Fees Deposit
Order Total: $67.21



This thread is a little old, but I am trying to order OBi110 from and ship to Ottawa.

I choose the item with as the seller, go to checkout and get:

OBi110 Voice Service Bridge and VoIP Telephone Adapter cannot be shipped to the selected address.
This item cannot be shipped to the address you selected. (Learn more.) You may either change the shipping address or remove the item by clicking Delete.

Any ideas?


You can buy OBi ATA's from Canada at

They are 'out-of-stock' on most items right now but they said that they will be receiving a new shipment on Monday and will be taking orders later today.

You can also buy them from pre-configured and maintained when you subscribe to their VOIP services - this is a real simple way to go VOIP for those who feel that it is too complicated for them - does it all for you.
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jimates, do you still offer your shipping service to Canada?


I guess I can try again.

Shipping for the Obi100
$12.95 Priority
$6.60 First Class

plus the actual cost of the device from Amazon.


jimmates, sent you a message.


I am shipping 3 to Canada for fellow members.

You can buy it yourself and ship it to me (free super saver shipping). I will ship it out USPS Priority Mail for $13. $15 including paypal fees for the shipping money.


Hey jim,

Just checking if you're getting my messages. The OBI should arrive today. Just need your paypal to pay for the shipping to Canada.

Is there an easier way to communicate than PM's?


He's been not responding to my emails since the very first one. Perhaps he is busy?


Anyone else ordered & shipped a Obi110 to jimates?  ??? ???

Edit: got a resposne from jimates


Sorry for the delay. Everyone should have gotten a response and all items have shipped.