my phone has voicemail button light on, how to check voicemail ?

Started by lchen5, March 30, 2011, 09:29:03 PM

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After I upgrade my obi110 firmware, I enabled voicemail. Then, I see voicemail button on my phone
lights on. I pressed the button. Seems like it automatically dialed some number.

It asked me to press * if I have voicebox on the system.

I pressed *, then it asked me to enter 10 digit phone number. I entered my GV phone number which is configured in obi box as the primary phone number. Then, it says the phone number that I entered is not valid. I guess I lost there.

Is there a user guide type of doc for the voicemail ?


the indicator is only activated by the Obi settings. The voicemail itself is provided by your service provider and the process on how to check it is determined by them.

if your privider is google voice then you call your google voice number, if the attendant does not automatically pick up then you  press * when the ringing starts.

the number your phone dials is probably programmable in your phone