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Voip.MS Changes in Service

Started by Lavarock7, February 27, 2013, 11:23:57 AM

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I just received this today:

"New LNP Pricing and Canadian CNAM Clarification"

New LNP Pricing:

We are pleased to announce that the pricing of porting American and Canadian numbers (both geographical and toll free numbers) has lowered from $25 to $10 per number, effective as of today, February 27th 2013. 

This change is not a promotion, it is permanent for all our customers. We've been able to achieve this lower pricing thanks to our user base growing constantly.


Canadian CNAM Clarification:

Additionally, as a clarification of the way one of our most popular feature works, we would like to remind you that the majority of our Canadian DID numbers support CNAM Pass-Through. This means that for your incoming calls our system won't do a CNAM query (and not charge you either) if the incoming call is arriving already with a caller-id name, even if the DID receiving the call has the CNAM queries enabled in your customer portal.

The CNAM pass-through is also valid for outgoing Canadian calls on our premium route (to supported destinations), the system will pass the CallerID name you provide in your call.

Thanks for your continued preference and support.
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Quote from: andyreeves on April 28, 2013, 10:49:10 PM
Why does this cost vary???

Which cost... clearly the statement indicates the decrease in cost to their subscribers because of a decreased cost to they are just passing the savings onto you.
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