won't go to Google Voice Mail from Auto Attedent

Started by cdcooker, March 31, 2011, 01:28:38 PM

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I called my Google Voice number setup with Obi as SP1 and as the primary line from a trusted caller list number.  After pressing 1, the rings keep going, without going to Google Voice Mail system.  The call eventually terminated itself.  Also, the first 3 or 4 rings has some kind of "stutter", not a smooth ring.  It's been like this since yesterday.  I tried to call from a non-trusted caller number and after 4 or 5 rings, it goes to the google voice mail system.  Anything wrong here?

Thanks in advance.



By the time the OBi AA picks up the incoming call, and presents the caller with Options 1,2,3, the call is considered "answered", and therefore subsequently Google will not try to attempt to forward the call to voice mail. The 2nd ringing tone heard by the caller after he selects option 1, is generated by the OBi device, not Google, which have no idea the phone is ringing.

I don't really have a solution for this case, but 2 suggestions come to mind:
1. If the caller (in the circle-of-trust) knows ahead of time that he wants to ring the phone instead of
   invoking AA, he can a) block his caller-id (by dialing *67 first on a cell phone, for example), or b) call from
   another phone line/service that is not in circle-of-trust,
2. Replace your OBi phone with one that has an answering machine, as a backup VM for this case

Hope this help. Thank you.
OBIHAI Support Staff


This is a problem for people that want to be able to call into GV and also want to be able to call into the Obi AA.

I can give one fix but it may not fit everyone's situation.

Set up your main GV number on sp1 as the default line.

Set up a second GV number on sp2. In the GV account set it so that the caller id is the google voice number, not the number from the incoming call.
Put the second GV number in the Trusted Caller ID list.

Anyone can call into your main GV number as normal. The phone at the Obi will ring along with all the other forwarding phones set in your GV account. Unanswered calls will go to GV voicemail.

If you, or anyone else, wants to call into the Obi AA, just call the second GV number and the AA will pick up because the incoming caller id will be that of the second GV account, not the caller's caller id.
This would also be useful for calling into your home when you do not want the GV voicemail to pick up after 4 rings or want to leave a message on your home answering machine.

Of course if you need a second GV number set up on the Obi for normal use then the above work around won't work for you.