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Can't make changes to Obi202 in Obitalk portal, but can in web-portal

Started by CanadianPete, March 08, 2013, 06:51:09 AM

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I am using my Obi202 in router mode. When I access the Obi202 from Obitalk's portal, I cannot make any changes to the device, and I see that my configurations that I have made to the device via my phone are not showing up here.

For example, in Obitalk's portal it does not show the my Obi202 is in "router mode" or that QoS is enabled. It it does not allow me to change these values here.

The weird thing is that when I access the Obi202 through its own IP address, I am able to see that the device is in router mode and that QoS is enabled. I am also able to make changes and see that the values that I have entered through my phone are registered as they should be.

So, what gives? I would rather use Obitalk's portal to configure the device than the device's IP address via webpage. Please help.


Welcome to the forum!  This is probably the #1 thing about Obi device configuration that causes the most confusion.  It bedevils a lot of people!

I found the posts at the following links to be helpful in explaining the situation and showing the two options available to make configuration settings:

then refer to this: