Any suggestions for Max callers

Started by AmigaDude, April 01, 2011, 08:58:15 AM

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I've been searching, but the words conference and bridge are way too popular for other reasons, so I'll just ask:

I'm trying to find the most inexpensive way to setup a conference bridge for 4-5 callers.  Since I have an Obi, with 2 Google Voice numbers, I thought this might be the best choice.  So far, the best answer I've deemed is:

Using SP1/GV1, According to Google I can get 4 callers with these steps

  • Have Caller1 dial GV1, and get answered
  • Have Caller2 dial GV1, I Flash-Hook and hit 5 to bridge them in
  • Have Caller3 dial GV1, I Flash-Hook and hit 5 to bridge them in
  • Have Caller4 dial GV1, I Flash-Hook and hit 5 to bridge them in

I'm just curious if there is a way to expand beyond this, not to mention if I'm too slow with the Flash/5 the caller is sent to voice mail but the call appearance is still hanging on.  The only way to recover seems to be tearing down the entire call and starting over, not very professional looking to the callers.

Or maybe I should just be looking for economical conference bridge services?  :-\




If the OBi's conferencing features don't provide the functionality, image, or automation of the call conferencing you would like, have a look at this thread. I describe a way that I have used this in past to get conferencing done.
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What is this "Flash-Hook and hit 5 to bridge them in" business?

According to the OBi Device Administration Guide...

After answering the first call coming into an OBi, a second incoming call should give you a Call Waiting indication.  Using the Hook Flash would put the first caller on hold and answer the second caller, but I'm not aware of any "hit 5 to bridge them in" feature.  You can have a 3-way conference, but only by you initiating the call to the third party.  You can't conference a second caller in.  Using the Hook Flash will simply put the first caller on hold while you talk to the second caller.


Thanks QBZappy, I'll take a look to see how that works.

RonR, you are correct -
I've confused this by talking about Google Voice direct to my PSTN line, that has call waiting.  There you hit Flash and GVoice asks you to Hit 5 to bridge the new caller in.  It does not work if I have the GVoice number directed to the Obi.

Thanks for pointing out my error.  :-[