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Can't make out going calls, hear weird computer noises

Started by Toto, August 30, 2016, 05:07:59 AM

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I have an Obi200 with a wireless adapter, set up with Google Voice and Anveo. A week ago suddenly I could not make out going calls. When a number is dialed I hear a weird rapid set of computer beeps and tones and then a recorded message saying the call cannot be placed as dialed and to try again.

I thought it might be caused by a slow internet signal which I had been bugged with all week. Contacted my server, Century Link and they sent me out a new Modem which I hooked up Mon. Still having the same problem though, even with a good strong feed. I have done the update for my Obi and all three lights are showing solid green. I have it hooked up directly to the modem with a cable instead of the wireless adapter.

Should I delete the device from my dashboard page and start all over with setting it up? Is there something I am missing about changing some keypass with the device since I have a new modem? I have Windows 10 with Google chrome. The modem is a C1100Z. Thanks