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OBi110 delay on inbound pstn ringing phone

Started by Clive, July 08, 2012, 08:38:27 AM

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Hi, have been through the forum and don't see this anywhere so here goes.

With the OBi110 connected to pstn for inbound calls, there is around a 15 second delay before the phone connected to the OBi starts ringing. The caller can hear the ring tone during this time but the phone isn't ringing.

Any ideas please.


if during these 15 seconds you check the adapter status (Status - Call status), does it say "Ringing". In other words, does the adapter not getting the call, or the adapter not passing the call to the phone, or the phone is not ringing as it should...

That could lead you to the next steps - whether the problem is with the device or with the service.


Hi Felix, thanks for your response.
It does not show the phone as ringing until it actually does.
If I use the adapter as the endpoint rather than passing the call through it then there is no delay.

I've just found on one of RonRs posts that there is a ring delay on the line, it's set to 4000 by default in my OBi. Would this have any bearing on it.


I don't think the delay is 15 seconds, but as Clive said there is an intentional 4-second delay setup.  The Line Port on the OBi110 has a RingDelay default setting of 4 seconds (4000 ms) to capture the incoming caller id.  If you don't care about the incoming caller id you can set that delay to 0 seconds.  If it is set to less than 4 seconds the OBi doesn't get the caller id decoded.


Thanks for the feedback hwittenb.

Perhaps I need to clarify this a little more to avoid confusion. I'm ringing my landline from my mobile (cell) phone.

When routing my landline through the OBi line socket, the delay between hearing ring tone in my ear and the phone ringing is 3 ring cycles. Each ring cycle is approx 4-5 seconds. If it was 4 seconds it would be just 1 ring cycle.

Do the impedance and voltage settings have any bearing on this, if so I need the settings for Spain pls.


I have been having the same issue, my phone rings 3 times but when I answer, people say they were about to hang up so I ask how many rings and they say 7 or 8 so that is a 4 ring delay at least


Having the same issue....Any solution found?



The delay is down to Line Port > Ring Delay. The default is 4000 (4 seconds), this suits North American Caller ID which arrives between the first and second ringing cycles.

I know that you are in the UK using British Telecom for PSTN. The first change you should make is to:
Line Port > CallerIDDetectMethod - set to FSK(V.23)

Then experiment with Line Port > Ring Delay. I use 2000 (2 seconds), but I don't use British Telecom, so you may get that down further. If you don't care about CallerID you can set it to 0. However, I would suggest that CallerID is useful, particularly for dealing with nuisance calls!


Hi Ian

I have done as you suggested however it hasn't made any difference. When I call home from my mobile, I hear 5 rings on the mobile before the house phone starts ringing. There are only 2 more rings before it goes to voicemail.

The phone service is Virgin Media if that has any bearing?


I believe that Virgin Media has a whole mix of different exchanges with different CallerID methods due to their taking over of other companies.

The delay caused by the OBi should still only be a function of Line Port > RingDelay. Line Port > CallerIDDetectMethod will only affect whether or not you receive CallerID.

Testing is not as easy as it seems, you can get ring tone from your mobile before ringing current is sent to the OBi110 via PSTN. It might be worth putting a corded phone in parallel with the OBi110 Line Port so you can hear ringing coming in and measure the delay before the OBi110 sends ringing to the phones connected to the Phone Port.