Block calls with whitelist and/or blacklist, using a Star code

Started by rkg333, March 23, 2013, 12:55:37 PM

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Adding new BlackList parameter setting to Block the rogue calls on both LINE, VOIP:

X_InboundCallRoute/InboundCallRoute seems like a good enough temporary solution, but if you can add a permanent setting something like "BlackList" where you can add multiple numbers (up to 100 entries at least) that can be blocked. On top of this it will be nice and more userfriendly if you can also add a New Star code that will allows to add the most recently received call to the BlackList.

This feature should work with both LINE port and VOIP service (for OBi110).

I appreciate your attention on this issue.



I too would like to see the simple addition of a whitelist / blacklist. I searched last night and found the example of setting it up using  User Settings>>User Defined Digit Maps but  what I would much prefer is that it was included into obitalk device configuration, simple settings.

It would seem that this would be an easy add to allow you to see the caller ID list and have a check box to add a caller to the blacklist.

The star code would be a nice feature too but just the ability to create and maintain a blacklist on the web would be a great start