AA making a new call

Started by dudlee, April 02, 2011, 10:42:24 AM

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When I call my obi110 I get the AA.  I then press 2 and dial a new number and press #.  I just get silence.  I had the pin enabled and would put in the pin and press # and get the same silence, so I took the pin out.  Still unable to make a call out from the obi110 using the AA.  I do have the number I am calling with in the COT. I assume I have something set up incorrectly as the device so far has worked perfect except the pressing 2 on the AA.  When I press 1 it does connect the call as normal.  Calling out from the phone on the obi is completely normal


Does the number you wish to dial through the AA go out successfully if you force it to the intended port with the appropriate **n prefix?  If so, check the AA -> PrimaryLine setting.  By default, the AA uses the PSTN Port.