Google Voice-Cannot Receive Calls

Started by Stvn, April 03, 2011, 10:14:16 AM

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I have set up the Obi account and Gmail account, and have successfully made calls from the connected phone; however, when I try to make a call from a cell phone to the new line, it will automatically be sent to my cell phone connected with the Gmail account.  I disabled that cell phone from receiving the phone calls but the calls now go nowhere.  I would like the calls to come through the phone that is connected to the Obi bridge.  I appreciate your help!


Make sure the Google Chat phone is selected in your Google Voce account.


I have the google chat selected, and have unchecked my mobile phone associated with my account, and yet calls still are not received on the phone connected to my Obi110, although it can place calls.


did you successfully place a call from within the gmail account?

when you said the calls go nowhere after you unchecked your cell phone, did google voice voicemail pick up the call?

Obi device set up for Google Voice using Obitalk portal